Need to take good care of her

She is the one who spends more time with me when compared to anybody else. I can proudly say that I am ‘The World’ for her. I have come to a situation that I cannot stay without her for even a minute. If she is not with me, I feel I am separated from the rest of the world. She is the best thing that I have ever got. I cherish her for whatever she is. What more do you want me to say? I can talk about her for hours together, as she possesses so many unique and upbeat qualities. Those are the qualities that made me like her at the first sight and forced me to grab her for mine. There are many, who complain about her appearance, etc. But to my eye, she is looking good. Who care about what others on earth think/say?

It has been almost 8 months since I got her with me. You know what will happen if there is such a long association. Yes, I developed a strong liking for her and that is the very reason for this blog. When I talk, I hold her in my hand and I will talk, talk and talk for long. One thing that makes me feel bad is the fact that I have not taken good care of her, in-spite of all the liking that I have for her. She is suffering from a certain type of a problem that requires immediate attention. I promise that I will surely take care of her and help her get well soon.

Okay, any guesses who is she? I can hear you say “Your wife?” or “Your love?” …

People who know me better would still be guessing because they know that I always have a catch. The catch is, I was not talking about a girl but I was talking about my little gadget “MOTO ROKR E6” – the cell phone that I have been using for the past 8 months.

This is a touch panel PDA type of a phone. Except for 3G, it had all the features that 8 months back any latest PDA in the market had. Still, it was priced much lesser than any other comparable cell phone. I liked this feature-packed gadget and so bought it after a bit of a research. So far I have not faced any technical problem. I once accidentally dropped it in water and it started showing only a RED screen. Surprisingly and luckily, after an hour or two, it started working normally.

As I said earlier, I have not been maintaining this properly. I don’t have a cover or a pouch to keep this, and I don’t have screen protector either. So, it has lots of scratches on its body and screen. The left side of the screen is losing its touch sensitiveness. I am not able to use my stylus to perform any operation in that area. Loss of touch sensitivity started with just about 1millimeters thickness and now I get a feeling that it is expanding further. Probably a screen protector would have saved it or probably not. I am not really sure yet. I found out from the net that this is one of the problems in this model.

Whatever be it, I have decided to get it fixed by this weekend. At least, I will put on a Screen Protector and see if there is no further ascent in the problem. Hope the Service Center guys will be able to help me out in determining the problem and fixing it if possible. I hope, wish, pray and anticipate that my ROKR will not get worse, if not better.


About saravanah

Saravanan is a happy and carefree person, who doesn't have any kind of hobbies except for watching TV and sleeping. Most of his time is spend in office or commuting to office. At his home, he simply chooses to sleep. He is interested in cooking, reading somethings, chatting with friends, sudoku, etc. but hardly does any of these :) He has completed few years of his service in IT industry, which is very evident from his bald, fat and old look. Never the less, he is young at heart and physically very tired. He just got married and offlate he is taking various steps to keep his wife, parents & in-laws happy. Just like any other married man, he is confused and knows-not how to act/react to the situations. He enjoys the love and company of his wife and the affection that his parents are showering on him.
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