Architect of Kargil War

It’s time for him to say good bye and leave his “mother nation”. Pervez Musharraf, so-called dictator, became a de facto Head of Government of Pakistan and later became the President of the country. I wonder why military takeover has become very common in nations like Pakistan. Do they have democracy in their blood? I guess the answer is “No”.

Pervez Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf

Musharraf was personally promoted as an Army Chief of Staff (or General) of Pakistan by the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif. Ironically, Musharraf conducted a military coup – house arrested and later exiled Sharif from the country. As the then “Army General of Pakistan”, Musharraf had been the master mind in planning and execution of the Kargil attack against India in 1999. Later, in a conflict with Nawaz Sharif about the same attack, he ended up conducting the coup.

In my opinion, if someone asks me “Musharraf Nallavara – Kettavara?”– I would cry like “Nayagan” Kamal and say “theriyalayae ma”. I am sure that he was perceived as a dictator, but just think from a different angle. What forced him to take over the nation? Was he worried that Sharif, who coincidentally appointed him as the General, was involved in corruption and not administering the nation well? One can argue so. But, according to me, the real problem was “survival” than his patriotism or quest for power. Think about this: he was in a private airplane, which was not allowed to land; it was running out of fuel. In such a situation, anyone would take all the steps possible to save their life – and that is what exactly he did. When he landed, he realized that he would have died if these steps were delayed even by few minutes; he had to take a revenge for his “near-death encounter”. So, I think it is logical to conduct a military coup at that time. Let’s not blame him for that.

I perceive the rest of the happenings as a logical extension to this incident. Once he took over Pakistan, there is no point letting it go. It is like sky diving – after jumping from the airplane for a free-fall, there is only one course of action: control your direction and open up the parachute “when appropriate”. There was not an “appropriate time” than now because the moment he gives away his power, he would have been assassinated. I would say his circumstances lead him in the way he has toddled so far. One might question “why he extended his Presidential tenure?” – Very simple, he would have been exiled from his nation as soon as he resigns, regardless of whether it was an enforced or self-made decision to resign.

It would have been better for such a brave person to continue to lead a brave life till his “end”. Now it sounds as if he is “cowardly” running out of his nation to save his life. I love Hitler for he did not surrender and died like a “brave man”.

Musharraf army, administrative and other decisions were majorly steered by other factors and definitely not his wish. He would have loved to end Sharif’s story as soon as he took over the nation – but he could not do so, because of the pressure from other nations. At the least, he could have avoided Sharif and Benazir from entering into the nation; he could not do so because of similar international pressure. If Musharraf was “the dictator” as he is perceived to be, he would have not paid attention to these directions from other nations.

Being an Indian, I will not support someone who was responsible for Kargil attack. I think the same feeling will be there in every Indian. But ironically, India is not really happy with the exit of Musharraf, who, by all means, is responsible for Kargil attack. Although as a President, he managed to convince India that he is in support for peace between the two nations, it is evident that he was personally involved in many wars against India. One would easily categorize him as an anti-Indian Pakistani by looking at his works when he was with the army. In fact during the Indo-Pak war in 1965, in the first letter to his mother from the war-front (after advancing 15miles into India), he wrote “proudly saying that I was writing from India”. Being such an anti-Indian, I wonder how he managed to convince our leaders like Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh and gained confidence. Notably: he was responsible for the longest peace process with India, the benefits of which may be as yet intangible but still very important.

Looking at the recent ceasefire violations on the LoC and the volatility in J&M, I would love to see an authoritative-head, who can keep everything under control and who will listen and abide to international pressure. This would have eased the situation a little bit in the border. Having come to a position where there is a serious threat by the terrorist, India should strengthen the security in the border. India should also devise a new strategy to deal with the new developments in Pak – a strategy that is promising and convincing.


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