Rural Selection…

For a true Indian, “patriotism” reflects in their loyalty in supporting “Indian Cricket Team” in all their matches. Their loyalty doesn’t go outside of Cricket and that has become a recent trend. They don’t care when a college student dies in a marathon race organized for a good cause, but surely they do care when Dhoni misses a game or Sachin is injured and out of tournament. Anyways we know what we are (I am no exception). Anyways, that is not what I am going to be talking about…

Recently India, for the first time in the history of cricket, won a series against Srilanka in Srilanka. Applause… and more of standing ovation. Even so, we lamely lost the last match of this series. Shame…

In a causal analysis, BCCI found that the team lags consistency. The selection committee was also informed that there are lots of talents out there in the usual mass, in particular in rural areas, which we can explore, for better results. So the selection committee decided to go on for a field trip to rural parts of the country to try and find some young and consistent talent.

They finally found one, whose matches they watched for a week and decided to bring him to the team after a little interview. The rural player was called for an interview just for the sake of it…

Interview went like this

Selection Committee member (SC): How do you feel when you are out there in the middle to do the job?

Rural Person (RP): I feel I am responsible for getting the right result. So, I tend to be more “focused” and pay “full attention” without any diversion. One needs to stay focused to get the correct and desired result.

SC: I agree. “Focus” is more important. But what about “Style”? Don’t you think “Style” is also vital?

RP: Yes, absolutely vital because “Style” differentiates one from the rest of the crowd.

SC: What about M.S. Dhoni? People sometimes complain about his style.

RP: In my perspective, everyone has got their own style. There is no problem in Dhoni’s style. Some people won’t like it; that doesn’t mean he is not stylish. Anyways, he has changed a lot from what he was. I like both his current as well as his earlier styles.

SC: Good to know that you have watched Dhoni so closely.

RP: I do watch Dhoni a lot, for his styles. He sport different styles at different time. In fact I adore his stylish “Cut” and try it out whenever possible. Friends like it because I cut exactly like him.

SC: Oooh. That’s amazing to know. We have not watched his cuts so closely. We felt he is just doing whatever he can and never observed his cutting style. Good that you are trying to learn from others.

RP: Learning from self mistakes and learning from others are two important things. If I don’t learn from my mistakes, then I will never improve and may be that will become the end of my carrier. If I learn from others, I will have more varieties.

SC: I have no choice but to agree to you. You seem to observe people a lot. What’s your opinion about Shewag?

RP: I think he doesn’t care about anything. When I saw him initially, I thought it was Sachin who’s standing there. He used to have exact same style like Sachin. But when you look at him now, there is hardly any resemblance of Sachin. I think he doesn’t care about losing.

SC: I understand what you are saying. Sometimes people say he is a carefree person.

RP: Hmm… (chuckles in satisfaction because his point was taken yet again)

SC: I think you are good in cutting. Can you tell me about your sweeping skills? I think that is also very crucial.

RP: Very, very crucial indeed! A clean sweep is something that I always resort to. Sometimes my friends funnily comment I am better sweeper than a cutter. I tell them that just cutting, cutting and endless cutting might land me in a mess, if I don’t sweep at least once in a while. I feel one should know everything to do a job.

SC: That is very logical.


Interview went on and on. Only thing is that the rural person, being a barber, presumed that he was called for an interview for the post of a “barber” in some luxury hotel. Now, if you have more time, go back and reread the interview… J

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Saravanan is a happy and carefree person, who doesn't have any kind of hobbies except for watching TV and sleeping. Most of his time is spend in office or commuting to office. At his home, he simply chooses to sleep. He is interested in cooking, reading somethings, chatting with friends, sudoku, etc. but hardly does any of these :) He has completed few years of his service in IT industry, which is very evident from his bald, fat and old look. Never the less, he is young at heart and physically very tired. He just got married and offlate he is taking various steps to keep his wife, parents & in-laws happy. Just like any other married man, he is confused and knows-not how to act/react to the situations. He enjoys the love and company of his wife and the affection that his parents are showering on him.
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1 Response to Rural Selection…

  1. Hema says:

    Dear Sara,

    As i know you for the past how many ever years (fortunate???? unfortunate???? years…..) I dont have to read through your post again to understand what you were writing about…..

    Reminds me of our chats during the college days…..

    as always u r wat u were……


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