Vadivelu – Real Comedian

When I think about our great comedian’s recent activities, I have nothing else otherthan to say “height of stupidity”.

Vijayakanth’s party people throwed stones at my house and office and attacked – I will contest in the next election and prove that I have more mass than Vijayakanth.

What a spectacular reason for contesting in election!!!

Following this trend, I can think of some of the “possible reasons” for contesting elections.

  • The infamous “Tree Surgeon” Dr. Das R’s party people cut a rose plant in my garden. I will contest in election against him and prove to him that…..
  • Party people of the “Heavy Weight Lift champion” famous for lifting Maruti 800 in one of his movies (whose first wife kids have the legal rights to call “The official chitti” as “Chitti”), once rejected my request to lift a 10Kg bag. I will contest in election against him…
  • The 9-Rasam Nayagan/Hero and political leader denied me Rasam during our last lunch togather. I will contest in election against him…
  • Head of the “Cheeta Relief” movement, Mr. Maa Vallavan verbally threatened me of pushing me into cheeta’s caves. I am not scared of him. I will contest in election against him and prove that I am a courageous person…
  • Chair Person of “Elder Brother Knowledge Temple” denied entry into the Knowledge temple. I am going to contest in election against him and prove….
  • One person left the Knowledge Temple to start a new political party, looted my “Black Towel” which ended up being his party symbol now. I strongly object him for stealing my towel and using it as a symbol. I am eligible for a “Loyalty” which he will not be ready to pay. I will contest against him in the election and….
  • The lady, famous for causing traffic jam right from the time she bathes till the time she settles in her office, once hindered my visit to my “Keep”. She thinks she is great. I will prove her wrong by contesting against her in the election.
There can be several other reasons to contesting in election. The one idea that can never become a true reason is “doing some good to the nation or citizens”.
I wonder what could have made this stupid comedian think so badly and to thunder so much to contest in election. He sure is a “Comedian” not just in cinemas, but even in real life. I can’t help but laugh and laugh and laugh at this stupid idea. He sure has a messed up mind.
He sounded so confident when he addressed reporters the other day. I really want to scold the reporters who spend useless time to write about this stupidity. I blame the media for showing even few seconds on this. This is height of stupidity and if I get a chance to meet Mr. Vadivelu, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him that.
From where does he gain so much confidence? How can he be so sure that he can win in the election? My thinking goes to look at his achievements. He was so thin, dark and ofcourse close to ugly for showing his face in the big screen. Somehow he got a break and entered into movies. Ofcourse later he proved himself as one of the veteran comedian with lots of his “trade-mark” items. I liked him a lot as a comedian and I still like him to be seen as a comedian on screen. Do you think his achievement as a comedian would have given him that confidence? I think it might have…
Next could be a track record of successful actor-turned-politicians, who won elections to become MLAs and MPs. For example, the actor famous for his colourfull dresses (mix of yellow, greeen, red and blue), Mr. Ramarajan became MP once. Similarly there were people like Sarath Kumar, Napolean who won in elections. These would have given him that confidence. All the above mentioned wanted a political career and started persuing it. But Vadivelu’s case is not like that…
Above all he might have thought that people are stupids to vote any infamous person to victory.
Is politics in India so silly that anyone with any kind of reason can contest in elections and presume that he can win? I think that should not be the fact and I am afraid it might well be a fact.
I would love to see him contest in election and loose his deposit. I urge the voters to prove to him and to the world that we don’t allow such acts of stupidity to happen.
Mr. Vadivelu. I understand one would get emotional when such things happens. I feel very sorry for the attack. As you claimed,  if Vijayakant is responsible for it I would want him to be punished for it legally.
I can even agree that there might be more mass for you than him. To prove that, contesting in election is not the right solution. If you want to do something good for the people and the nation, you can do so and for doing so, you can contest in election. If I feel that you will definitely do good for the people and for the constituency, I would even vote for you. But if the reason is to prove some point to some people, then I think and strongly feel that it is the height of stupidity and you will fail for sure.
Stop being comedian in real life. I am sure your kids will laugh at it when they grow. Try to be a hero for your kids. Comedian is just your profession and it should not be the real YOU.

About saravanah

Saravanan is a happy and carefree person, who doesn't have any kind of hobbies except for watching TV and sleeping. Most of his time is spend in office or commuting to office. At his home, he simply chooses to sleep. He is interested in cooking, reading somethings, chatting with friends, sudoku, etc. but hardly does any of these :) He has completed few years of his service in IT industry, which is very evident from his bald, fat and old look. Never the less, he is young at heart and physically very tired. He just got married and offlate he is taking various steps to keep his wife, parents & in-laws happy. Just like any other married man, he is confused and knows-not how to act/react to the situations. He enjoys the love and company of his wife and the affection that his parents are showering on him.
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