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Nano or Vano

Tata Groups is one of the most renowned groups in India. Off late, with its expansion & acquisition plans abroad, it is making its presence felt worldwide. Looking at their history, we can easily figure out that they have been … Continue reading

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Swayamvara – a practice in olden days for choosing a “Life Partner” for a girl. Father of the girl arranges for a Swayamvara on an auspicious day & time and spreads the message out. The marriageable girl gets to choose … Continue reading

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Need to take good care of her

She is the one who spends more time with me when compared to anybody else. I can proudly say that I am ‘The World’ for her. I have come to a situation that I cannot stay without her for even … Continue reading

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Traffic or Terrific

“What is the slowest moving mammal in the world?” was asked in a high school quiz competition, to which a boy replied back ‘Human being in Chennai traffic’.  It might sound funny but it leaves a lot for us to … Continue reading

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